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One month of blogging, impressions from a talentless Hemingway.

Last night I was seated at Raffles somewhere in the 1920’s.
A talentless Hemingway, lips glued to a warm glass of red, eyes glued to a passing parade of human flotsam and jetsam.
Small, dark bohemian café, where there is always someone willing to share opinions.
Never knowing who I might run into next, a poet wearing their heart on their sleeve, an artist splashing words like paint on a canvas or a writer who’s anger is barely concealed beneath their sticky-sweet syrupy words.
I can only picture many of these people in my mind, just barely making them out through the smoky haze, some sad, some tired and many lonely souls, all with a story to tell.
Others might only see the sadness and loneliness, but I see beauty.
Blog; such an ugly name for such beauty.
While the old Raffles rots beneath its freshly painted veneer, like a sad amusement park, this outlet for creativity, this bespoke community will find its own place in history.

About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

7 responses to “One month of blogging, impressions from a talentless Hemingway.

  1. sued51

    You are so right! Blog is an ugly word for such a beautiful thing!

  2. cpmilieu

    I really like your writing. You are encouraging me to branch out a little in my own blog.

  3. deadmousediaries ⋅

    You have created some great images and wordplay here, ispider! Keep writing. Every single day. Thanks for popping in on my spider story; I see know why we are connected!

  4. Here is my spin on B.L.O.G.G.E.R.

    Best Location On Getting Garbled Energies Revived

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