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Fresh breath

Ox had just bought a packet of the new Listerine breath freshener. It was a small plastic packet containing about twenty flat sheets of breath freshener. The sheets would melt onto your tongue; giving you a burst of flavour that was so intense it felt like your mouth was exploding.

“I bet I can put a whole pack of them in my mouth in one go.” Says Ox. “Bet you can’t.” Says Stone.

You’ve probably already created a mental picture of Ox and Stone, two young boys getting up to mischief. Sorry to disappoint you, but Ox was in his early 40’s and Stone his late 40’s and both were highly paid executives.

Without another word Ox pops the small wad of breath fresheners into his mouth. Seconds pass and he indicated to those watching that everything was ok.

A small crowd had gathered in the foyer of the large Sydney Advertising Agency. Ox’s eyes began to water, already he began to gesture that he might, at any moment, spit the breath fresheners into his hand. But Ox was no quitter.

More people had arrived and joined in the laughter as they watched Ox writhing around the foyer with sweat on his forehead and tears streaming down his face.

“What’s it like?” asks Stone. “FFFaaakkkiiinn ooorrfffuuull.” As Ox tried to speak saliva ran out of his mouth and down his chin. He seemed not to care.

The crowd had grown to at least twenty people, all cheering and laughing. Ox was clearly in pain and leant forward as he stumbled around the foyer so that the dribble that was pouring from his mouth didn’t get all over his clothes. Instead, the drool scribbled a pattern all over the floor, the coffee table, and the stairs of the plush foyer.

His eyes were now red, judging by his flailing about the pain must have been excruciating. The picturesque views of Sydney Harbour only serving to backlight the drool as it poured from his open mouth.

Trails of snot had now started to hang from both nostrils. Ox was either unaware of the snot or had more important thing to worry about.

Word must have been spreading because people were now arriving from every department in the agency. The foyer was now packed with people, the notable exception being the small area that Ox circled like a caged animal.

Smeared all over the rolled-up sleeve of his chambray business shirt were a mixture of snot and dribble, slender threads of which where still attached to his equally smeared face.

“Ok…ok, I think that’s enough.” Said Stone.

Ox, still bent over at the waist, held his hand up to stop Stone. He was going to do this no matter what.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

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