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Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous

I was at a party and I was chatting with three of my mates.
Jim started to gesture over his shoulder; pointing and opening his eyes wide like someone important had just walked into the room.
I looked over his shoulder but I couldn’t see anyone.
Not anyone that looked any more important than anyone else in the room anyway.
I looked back to Jim and he jerked his head to the side and gestured over his shoulder again.
I looked again back to the crowd past his shoulder.
I still couldn’t see anyone.
The way he was carrying on it was like Elizabeth Taylor had walked into the room.
My eyes turned to Jim and sure enough he was pointing over his shoulder again.
His eyes darted backwards and forward over his shoulder at the crowd of people behind him.
His head kept jerking in time with his eyes sort of nodding in that direction.
I stepped to one side of Jim and peered at the crowd, I looked at every person to see if I knew them.
I looked back at Jim who was now boggle eyed, pointing feverishly over his shoulder.
Then this bloke from a group of guys nearby ran over and bashed Jim in the back a couple of times.
He coughed and spluttered and a potato crisp came flying out of his mouth.
Jim had been choking on a chip.
The whole time I had been looking over his shoulder he hadn’t been able to breath.
What an idiot.

Excerpt from I SPIDER


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

7 responses to “Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous

  1. elizabeth ⋅


  2. Well that reminds me of a quote, “It’s all fun and games until someone (chokes on a chip!)”. lol Hope your buddy’s ok though 🙂

  3. …nice one buddy…was expecting one big star from Hollywood…didn’t know your friend was experiencing “stars”!…

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