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I love to see ideas on book covers.


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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

14 responses to “I love to see ideas on book covers.

  1. mikes75

    Nice cover! I also like the cover of Ted Chiang’s The Lifecycle of Software Objects

  2. The Female Eunuch cover has been censored by Photobucket and MySpace and also contravenes new facebook rules. Ridiculous. We have more censorship now than a generation ago!

    • Thanks Rosie. Sorry! I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I wondered why they had changed it on later versions. I’m going to be up all night waiting for the authorities to knock on my door.

      • Don’t worry about offending anyone. This is art. I keep reposting this image as often as it’s taken down. We should have moved forwards in 40 years, not backwards. Ironcially, MySpace started banning art AFTER Rupert Murdoch bought it out – and he’s been flooding Britain with soft-core porn through his newspapers for decades.

      • Great cover. They should have published the book and put the cover on page 3.

  3. My father was a book dealer, so growing up I got to see all kinds of different books. The old pulp magazines were awsome when it came to creative covers, so are the detective paperbacks like Mickey Spillane. It was almost like the artwork on the cover was telling a story.

  4. When I was a kid, I always picked out library books based on whether or not I found the cover appealing, and y’know, I was never disappointed. I still sorta do this now. I think a compelling cover reflects the process that went into the writing/editing of the book. (I like your covers, especially the one in negative.)

    • I once walked into a bookstore and this new book almost jumped off the shelf. I bought it without knowing a thing about it; “Hitchhikers Guide” is still one of my favorite books. Thanks Luddy’s Lens.

  5. Hi, thanks so much for following my site (diary of a jaded heart). I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved it to a new site in case you would like to continue following –

  6. Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy the book

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