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Another true story from an insane life.

All of our neighbors own black four wheel drives. The people directly across the road are no exception, except that there number plate says the word NEYMER.

When Kate was having a chat to the woman who owns this car she excitedly said “I love your number plate, I’ve always loved those number plates that spell out a word”. The lady said “Yes it’s good for my husband’s business”. To which Kate said “Oh, what type of business is he in, is he a Proctologist?”

“What do you mean”. asked the neighbor.

“Oh, you know, with a number plate that spells out Enema.”

At this the neighbor got a little grumpy. “That’s our last name, Neymer.”


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

3 responses to “Another true story from an insane life.

  1. chris9911

    haha, reminds of the Twix commercial where a guy is interviewing with a person named “Dumass”. And the interviewer finally says, its pronounced ‘Du-mass’

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