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My first review, of someone elses book.

 I have been slowly savoring this book like a cup of hot chocolate on a winters night, thoroughly enjoying every sip. I’m not sure if it is due to how beautifully written it is, but I found it a very personal experience.

Peter Barry’s second book “We All Fall Down” is an exploration of a married couple and their small child, as they are buffeted by life and the problems it brings with it. Even though they stand strong against these problems they can’t help but be affected by them, and as a reader, I couldn’t help but be affected by them either. Their problems seem to reflect my problems. While I read this book I couldn’t help but examine my life as much as the lives of the characters and question the way I would react under similar circumstances.

From the boy who sits on an old brick wall eagerly awaiting his father, to the man he grows to become longing to see his son one more time.

I felt their joy, their grief and at times I wanted to cry.

I wish that I could write this superbly.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

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