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I love mutated words.

I was watching a news reader tonight and she made a mistake. She used the word AROUNDING, a combination of the words surrounding and around. “There’s been a lot of controversy arounding this incident…” It worked for me. My favorite mutated word is SHART, which is that moment when you fart but follow through a little bit. (Never trust a fart). Has anyone else got a mutated word they use?


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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

7 responses to “I love mutated words.

  1. I Love mutated words to! anything goes, bananas and apples, banapples.

  2. Amboisterous. Ambitious and boisterous. Unfortunately, though, most stupid people suffer from this…

  3. Yestertime, meaning longer ago than yesterday. When my son was very small, he knew “yesterday” and “a long time ago,” but not how to describe a time in between, so he made this word up.

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