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Hello eeeen!

In the spirit of Halloween I thought that I’d share a Ghostly encounter I had when I was about six years of age. You will think that I am making this up, or pulling your leg, but as I remember it this is all true.

While I lay in bed something dark started to flap in circles around my bedroom floor. I could barely make it out, all I could see were flickers of movement. Already terrified I hid under my blankets, eyes peering over the top. In the dark I only got the occasional glimpse, but I could see more and more shapes circling my bedroom. Mostly the movement circled the floor and then funneling up towards the roof. I remember thinking it was bats and large spiders.

Then the white shapes appeared. They came from the floor and circled their way up to the ceiling. They mostly looked like X-RAYS of bats flying.

(In 1969 I had never encountered an X-RAY, a horror movie or any of the events that unfolded on this night that now seem like cliche horror movie fodder.)

I was terrified. Hundreds of creatures flew in circles getting fasterĀ  by the minute.

It wasn’t a blur, everything was so detailed. I could focus on a bat as it fluttered around the room. Or something crawling up my wall. They were all like X-Rays now, but swirling with them were hundreds of shapes that I couldn’t make out.

I remember the occasional creature scuttling closer to me, as if to take a look, and silently almost pathetically I tried to to shoo them away.

By now I was crying or whimpering with fear. The vortex of creatures getting worse.

Then at the foot of my bed something moved. I lay paralyzed as a dark shape began to climb onto my bed.

It was a clown, like a stuffed toy clown. And it crept so slowly toward me that I could barely perceive its moves. All the time it looked me directly in the eyes.

I was too terrified to scream.

Even now, as an adult, re-living this memory chills me to the bone.

As the clown inched its way towards me I tried to say something to it, to beg, but nothing came out. Eventually I squeaked out something like, “Please leave me alone.” As I repeated the word please over and over the clown inched its way up the bed.

My plea became more frantic but still was suffocatingly quiet.

The clown, smiling, almost laughing, climbed to where only the top half of my head peered above the sheets.

It didn’t listen to me.

As it arrived at my face I remember screaming at the top of my lungs. My Mother and Father burst through the door within seconds and the light came on. They tried to tell me it was a dream. They tried to tell me it never happened. But I have had lots of dreams since that night and I have never experienced anything so real.

I swear that it really happened even though every shred of common sense tells me otherwise. I have since seen special effects that are almost identical to what I saw.

There is no memory from my childhood so vivid as the events of that night.


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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

5 responses to “Hello eeeen!

  1. It’s weird how the things that most frighten us stick in our heads and come out when we feel most vulnerable. That is why I don’t ever watch scary movies as an adult. I don’t want the recall. It’s too creepy on those nights when the house is dark and you are sleeping alone…That is when you remember! Think happy Halloween and leave the frights for the dead. Stephen King sleeps with the lights on, says a could-be-vicious rumor. Do you blame him…

    • ispiderbook ⋅

      I bet he does sleep with the light on. I love scary movies, they’re usually bordering on the ridiculous which makes them sort of funny. Happy Halloween.

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