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A tall tale at Halloween.

It was a beautiful night in Fall, the air was warm, the trees were still orange and the ground crackled underfoot to the sound of the dry Autumn leaves.

Every year at this time the Halloween carnival would come to town. Like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life the children would dress up in costumes, eat too much cotton candy and scream too loudly on the roller-coaster. But to Josh Connolly it was just another fair. He had run the WILD MOUSE roller coaster for three years, that’s two years longer than anyone previously. To him it was just a job, just a way to pay off the mortgage that seemed to get bigger rather than smaller.

He was already over the night and ready to go home when a small child strode out of the queue. Josh had never seen a child so odd looking, so hypnotically beautiful. Blonde shaggy hair and big blue eyes that you could swim in. “Another Kid in Halloween costume,” thought Josh, “Pointy ears, could it be the inbreeding in some of these isolated country towns?”Josh laughed at his own thought.

The small child waited for Josh to wave him through but that wasn’t to happen. “You’re too small to ride on this ride.” Said Josh. Sometimes he just loved being a Carny. He pointed to a wooden cutout of a cartoon character that was three feet high. “You have to be taller than this.” Said Josh.

Josh had no way of knowing that standing before him wasn’t a small person, or an inbred with pointy ears, it was a Ween. A tiny, weenie, person. The Ween looked up with pleading eyes but Carny’s have seen all the tricks and Josh sent it on it’s way.

Soon the same cute, very odd child was back. Clumsily it walked towards Josh. It stood innocently next to the cutout cartoon character, but this time it was taller.  The small child’s legs seemed to be longer. So Josh bent down to see what the child had done.

As he rolled its cuffs up he saw a child’s legs, complete with shoes, were bound with rope to the Ween’s small feet like a pair of stilts.

Now screaming in terror Josh tried to come to terms with what he was seeing. He noticed the small bloody footprints leading their way to where he stood.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

2 responses to “A tall tale at Halloween.

  1. Now THAT’S a Halloween story!

    • ispiderbook ⋅

      Thanks all the likes and kind comments Luddy’s. To my surprise I watched a short news item last night that said Tim Burton’s newest animated feature is going to be called Frankenweenies. I was going to do a few short Weens stories leading up to Halloween. I might still do it.

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