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Swat happened?

As a young child, I remember walking along a pipeline in the middle of the bush, when I went to climb onto the top of the five feet high pipe I came face to face with a wasps nest.

My nose was only five inches away.

The wasps started stinging me before I could even react, they chased me for hundreds of metres before they stopped stinging.

I was six, if I was that, and I had about twenty stings.

There was a large group of us, my dad was a Scout Master and most of the group were his Scouts.

We were miles from anywhere.

I was a very sick little boy.

I remember my poor dad saying, “I told you not to climb on the pipeline.”

What else could he say?

Reject from I SPIDER

About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

4 responses to “Swat happened?

  1. How horrible for a six year old. I am itching just thinking of the after effects of those bites. Good example though of listening to your elders…

  2. I’m sorry you were stung so much, it must have been awful.

  3. What an awful thing for a kid! Wasps are like Napoleon’s army: they just don’t stop.

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