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The Discord. The most powerful tool available in design or art.

____The Discord is not only the most powerful tool available to the artist, it is also one of the least understood and therefore least exploited. I’ll try to keep this simple, because that’s all I’ve got, and because everyone dealing with cover design or blog layout should know this.
Colors range from dark to light, Yellow being the lightest, Red is somewhere in the middle and Blue is the darkest. If you don’t believe me take a black and white photocopy of a photograph and see for yourself.
So there’s a natural order with the way your eye accepts colors. But you can bugger up the order that colors sit on this natural scale by mixing them with white or black, (Tints or Shades). If you make Blue lighter and put it with Red you have a discord, and you can do this with any colors, not just complimentary colors.
If you look closely at the Blue spider on the Red background for long enough it will make you feel sick. That’s your brain trying to make sense of the discord. (So if you’re creating a menu or something to do with food you might want to use discords sparingly).
Generally, the closer the two colors are on the grey scale the stronger the discord.
(OK, I get that these unnatural discords appear all the time in nature, that’s natures way of being even more spectacular.)
The other thing that happens with discords is that when you look at the line where the colors meet, as well as making you nauseous the line looks sort of fuzzy or blurry.
By using discords you can affect peoples moods. You can also do amazing things with color, if you put a key line or a black line between the colors they will literally jump off of the page. (The key line stops them from making you feel sick.)
Anyway, that’s all I can think of. Hope it strikes a chord with someone.

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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

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