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I hear voices. But only sometimes.

Do you ever read a characters voice in a novel and that voice becomes someone you know?

If I see a movie and then read a book the characters voice will almost always be the voice of the actor who played them in the movie.

Usually when I read it is with the same voice I have thoughts with. My own.

But for the first time I have been reading a blog and the bloggers voice has become Whoopi Goldberg’s.

It might be that this particular blog is written with such personality that it needs a face, or in this case a voice.

Some characters almost demand a character voice; Golem from lord of the rings, Fagan from Oliver twist.

Do you hear voices when you read?

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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

5 responses to “I hear voices. But only sometimes.

  1. Hi Guys! No one has commented.
    I’d really like to know how people process the information when they are reading a book. My wife says that she builds a face in her mind of the character but she wasn’t very clear on the voice she reads with.
    She is sure that if she has seen the movie she will hear the actors voice.

  2. I have voices in my head all the time!
    More keep showing up too!
    The book’s characters voices: sometimes their my own mental voice, other times its another voice all together. If there was an actor its their voice or as close as my mind can remember. LOL

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