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Old blogs never die.

It amazes me when I look at my blog stats (something I do far too often) and see that a blog written several months ago has been viewed.
When I first started my blog consisted mainly of small excerpts from my book I SPIDER, but because I had just started very few bloggers ever read them. Fewer than read them now anyway.
Luckily for me, Linda Anselimi, a reviewer for READING AND WRITING CAFE’ has not only read them, but liked them so much that she bought and reviewed my book.
It’s a great review and I’d like to thank Linda very much.
Reading and Writing Cafe: Review of ‘I SPIDER’ by Linda Anselmi.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

5 responses to “Old blogs never die.

  1. My thanks to you, Anthony, for such a great read.

  2. KnitNell

    Hi – your name came up on my blog yesterday – thank you. My interest piqued I had a look at your May 2012 Posts (t’was I!) Great writing style and I love the graphics – Saul Bass’s work still has a huge influence on film opening credits and design style – I think it complements your text perfectly.

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