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Lights, camera, inaction.

Like all writers, I have a film script that I have been flogging around town. You might think that in Australia it would be a bit easier. We have a disproportionate amount of the best technical film makers in the world including great actors, cinematographers, art directors and set designers. All of these talented people are ready and willing to use their craft as often as possible. The advertising industry, once a revenue source that subsidized many filmmakers between movies, has reverted to making fake testimonials that are shot on video, so this source of income has all but dried up.

That’s where I come in, I have a great screenplay that’s ready to be made. But don’t take my word for it; Eric Bork, Emmy award winning writer/producer of Band of brothers says “Very fun script, and nicely executed.” Eric also said, “I found this script to be an easy read, filled with charming and amusing characters and situations, with a very clear “central problem” and an entertaining mission to solve it.  I thought it had a very consistent light-hearted tone, with unique comedic moments in virtually every scene…”

So far trying to sell my screenplay has been an amazing experience, I’ve had both talented actors and directors allow me to attach their name to the script. Unfortunately, writers are very close to the bottom of the food chain within the film industry. Getting the right Executive Producer seems to be the key. Sadly, executive producers have proven to be very elusive, and so far they seem to fall into two camps; Camp one: I MADE A BAD CHOICE LAST TIME. “I’ve made movies and didn’t make any money from them so why would you bother?”, and Camp two: MY PRESENCE ALONE MAKES IT BETTER. “I’d love to be associated with your great script but I’m a lazy bastard and I’m just along for the ride.”

So while I sit here writing yet another screenplay I ask, has anyone out there got any tips?


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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

7 responses to “Lights, camera, inaction.

  1. tocksin ⋅

    which direction do you want to be tipped, sounds like you got a lot going for you, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  2. It’s a very tough industry all over the world. You have to keep on creating and never give up.

  3. Mick ⋅

    Sell your house to finance it.

  4. If you were stateside, I’d say that an agent could help you get your foot in the door with a studio. In the U.S., the odds of having anyone look at your screenplay without one are pretty slim. I’m not sure how it works down under, though.

    I only tried to sell a screenplay once, and of every agency I queried, only Circle of Confusion was interested. They ultimately passed but asked me to send a lower budget script some time. Unfortunately, I haven’t written a low budget screenplay that works. -.-

    Good luck, man.

    • Thanks!
      Great feedback.
      Here movies are funded both independently and through government. That’s our version of the studio system I guess. We spoke about an agent when we were first speaking to producers, but never did anything about it.
      I’ll mention it to my writing partner.

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