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A case for books

About three years ago the local indie book store, ‘USEDBUY’ held a competition. You had to write about a bookcase.
I am an Advertising Art Director and at the time I’d never thought of writing anything apart from the occasional headline.
So I spent a couple of hours and this is what I came up with. I won the competition and I’ve been writing ever since.
(The Silver rule is never use a pun. The Golden rule is only use a pun if it’s a really, really bad pun.)


You’ll never be as H. G. Wells as when you’re reading a book.

It’s as if you don’t have a Peter Carey in the World.

Sometimes it may J. D. Robb you of your sleep, but  you’ll never feel as Thomas Hardy as when you get your Hans Christian Andersons on a good book.

Whether it’s Kathleen Raine or shine, if you’re suffering from a Rudyard Kipling disease, or if you’re taking a John Bath.

When you’re after an Andre Bely laugh or you want to Andrew Marvel at an interesting plot, perhaps you just want an Oscar Wilde ride.

Whichever, It’s all there in black and Patrick White, you’ll definitely be left asking for George Moore.

By now you’re probably wishing I’d Tom Stoppard.

But first I’ll ask you.

When everyone’s J. R. R. Tolkien about the latest book, do you have something to say?

So Johann Woolfgang von Goeth into your nearest bookstore or better still, Salmon Rushdie in, and be Johnathon Swift about it.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

8 responses to “A case for books

  1. Mick ⋅

    I coughed up a lot of Ian Fleming after reading that.

  2. “So Johann Woolfgang von Goeth into your nearest bookstore…” So corny. So funny and corny.

    How much Joan Didion you have to Hunter S. Thompson around for all these?

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