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To write with an accent, is it an accident?

One of the characters in the book I’m working on was born in the Bronx and has worked there much of his life. I’m thinking that given his management role and his age (over 50), his natural Bronx accent (not Hispanic) might have diluted; mostly being replaced by a general New York accent. I know that there are many variables. My question to you is, should I write the accent into his dialogue, or point out that he has an accent and leave the dialogue clean?













New York=Noo York




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14 responses to “To write with an accent, is it an accident?

  1. boomiebol

    I think write it into the dialogue…

  2. nightlake

    write accent into it is showing the readers and not telling them directly..

  3. Wha-da-ya’ mean, accent? (just joking) The answer is probably not as clear cut as it seems. Some readers could be annoyed by the accent written in and not continue reading because of it. Ever try to read Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn? Damn annoying! I would perhaps pick just a few key words (3 or 4) and always put them with the accent and not make every word part of the local dialect, kabisch? I like: tawwk, goin’, doze, and wan’/wanna’.

  4. Not everyone would be familiar with his accent so I’d write it in…

  5. Accent dialogue, like cayenne pepper, needs just a light sprinkling to punch up your character. Too much and I think it becomes overpowering and cumbersome to the scene.

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