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The Ghost of the 26th Battalion.

Bitter and twisted the ghost wanders the ground that was once a bloody battlefield. Screeching and moaning he floats aimlessly searching for something, for some unfulfilled piece of his destiny.

Hundreds of witnesses have heard his tormented cries at 12 midnight. Some have seen the sorry shape of his battle weary ghost, still wearing the shredded remains of his uniform. Whatever fate had befallen this poor soul was dreadful beyond belief. More than one witness had reported the absence of his right arm and the blood that seeped forth from a belly wound with the same voracity as the tears that flowed down his cheeks.

But most chilling of all are the reports of what this phantom cries out to the night. “Marilyn, Marilyn…” The creature sobs this remorseful name over and over. “Marilyn, what do you mean you can’t come and entertain us?”

It is rumored that the soldier had suffered a heartbreaking loss the night before he was killed in action. Marilyn Monroe was due to entertain the 26th battalion, but her flight was cancelled. Luckily for the troops Bob Hope was able to perform instead.

The ghost is also heard to wail, “Bob, Bob…not another old joke Bob.” “Something funny this time Bob.” “That was a one liner too many.” “Not another bad joke about golf.” “That joke’s so old it could have been what wiped out the dinosaurs.” But mostly the ghost simply slumps to the ground and cries to the moonlight, “We want Marilyn, we want Marilyn.”

For this poor tormented soul there is no Hope.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

4 responses to “The Ghost of the 26th Battalion.

  1. WoW! Brilliant piece of writing.

  2. That is one spooky story…I got the chills…whooo!

    • Ha…There’s a scene in SCARED STIFF a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin Movie where they find the scariest part of a haunted house and in it are Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. I actually think Bob’s great.

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