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More mess

I’m trying to structure my new novel; here’s the video. My wife thinks I’ve got the beautiful mind thing going on. Unfortunately, I look nothing like Russel Crow and my brain is like a poached egg.

More mess the video



About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

12 responses to “More mess

  1. Plotting a novel takes a good bit of foresight and planning to make any sense and still keep the reader guessing. Often scenes write themselves, diverging from my outline. That’s when it becomes a little like time travel. I have to weigh the changes against how likely I am to still reach my ‘happily ever after’. Other times these course changes take my story in amazing ways I’m thankful for.

    • Apart from a basic plot I tend to sit back and let the characters write their own story. I might go back to the start and make each character get a degree in English literature.

  2. Actually, this process looks pretty orderly (although I am wondering why Inked magazine showed up there for a few seconds…)

  3. The musics behind the video is nice! And the process of creating a novel and then compiling it….
    gotta be exhausting.

  4. inés

    Gee… where was I all this time?

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  6. Amazing. Personally, I just spew and the whole thing writes itself. Then I rewrite it about two dozen times. Eventually it starts to make sense, but the overall process isn’t dissimilar to having a team of monkeys hammer on typewriters.

    • My usual approach is usually just the same as yours. This time it was a nightmare. I moved the second and third chapters towards the end, ran the two separate stories parallel and now it’s feeling like someone owns it.

  7. mreuther

    Don’t over-think it.

    • Thanks Mreuther!
      Not much chance of that with my dinosaur sized brain. It really was a mess. I think I’ve got it back on track. Unfortunately I have to write a bunch of new chapters about the protagonist and he’s not anywhere near as interesting as the antagonist. Guess I’ll just have to make him more interesting.

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