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Giving my character a career.

The antagonist in the book that I’m currently writing is a fashion designer who owns a fashion label called Karloff. I’ve written a chapter where the character creates a new range of men’s linen business shirts with lace sleeves. Here’s one of the Super-site billboards that he produced. Now, I wouldn’t be seen dead in them, but I don’t hate them. I’ve also never seen guys shirts with lace sleeves, has anyone else?

karloff posternyc


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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

8 responses to “Giving my character a career.

  1. Mick ⋅

    That poster has been done before.

  2. Would surely make a novel character, just my opinion.

  3. Ha! I love that you threw in a naked girl!

    I don’t think men have worn lace since the 19th century, so it’s a fashion statement well overdue for reinvention…or not…

    • Let’s hope it’s not a fashion statement that takes off, at least for a couple of centuries yet. She’s supposed to be albino with a white tattoo. I wanted to get in a bit closer on her shoulder and tattoo, make her a bit more like Princess Lea as Jabba the Hutts slave.

  4. rbdavis5

    thats the kind of shirt that scream “Kick my A$$” that or “Blaine & Curt need to get back togther”

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