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Is there a draft in here?


This slab of paper represents just over 60,000 words. It’s still a mess and still has the working title of MARKED.

With a new first chapter, which may already be a later chapter, I hope that this will become my first draft.

Wish me luck.


About ispiderbook

Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

13 responses to “Is there a draft in here?

  1. Mick ⋅

    Well done for finishing it. That’s more than most people will ever do.

  2. What a fantastic cover! (I assume this is the cover?) Let me know when it’s available; I really enjoyed I SPIDER!

    • Thanks Woodlander. Yeah that’s the working cover, I’m still waiting for my wife to read the first draft.
      Where have you been? I just bought your book and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m the world’s slowest reader so it might take a while.

      • Hey, thanks Spider! I really appreciate it.
        Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I realized I wasn’t nearly as close to finishing my book as I thought I was, so I took a break from blogging to focus on that. But now that it’s done, I hope to be more active.
        Anyway, your new cover is smoking! I’m sure it will draw a lot of eyeballs. Do I sense a creepy-crawly theme (first spiders, and now scorpions)?

      • Maybe creepier than the first. It’s about a New York art collector who collects and frames human tattoos.

      • Haha, sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it.

      • Hi Woodlander! Thanks so much for the reviews you posted for my book in both Amazon and goodreads. It’s just amazing that you took the time to do that. It means a lot coming from an author. Thanks again for the great reviews.

      • Happy to do it! I’m sure MARKED will be even better. The premise is truly fantastic (no pressure…)

      • Pressure’s on. I’ve just got to get my wife to read it. She’s had it for four months. It’s a bit like someone knowing that you’re waiting for their parking spot; they take their time.

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