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The Fred Astaire of bumper cars.

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 5.12.48 PMThe Fred Astaire of bumper cars.

Every day is special, especially when the everyday is exceptional.

He was something from a Norman Rockwell painting, from another era. With his trucker’s hat, polo shirt, gently stooped shoulders and gangly legs there were no give-aways to what prize I would take from this carnival ride.

Long and lanky, he was Ray Bolger (the straw man from the Wizard of OZ) and Buddy Ebsen in one, a pencil held between a child’s fingers that wobbled making the pencil like a piece of rubber.

Effortlessly he jumped from bumper to bumper, the Fred Astaire of the bumper car. Dancing between cars as they crashed and bumped. A sense of dread with each footfall, one slip and his foot might be caught between colliding cars.

But he spun and jumped and rode the cars like skateboards. Guiding and steering the children out of trouble and on to joy.

He was the Fred Astaire of the bumper car.

Music courtesy of : “A Glorious Moment of Popular Catharsis and Revenge” (by Stealing Orchestra)

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Anthony is a first time novelist who is based in Sydney Australia.

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