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The day off.

7.25: Wife berates me for not doing enough house work.

7.30: Got the kids out of bed.

7.35: Made the kids breakfast.

7.40 Got the kids a drink.

7.50: Stripped beds and put on a load of laundry.

8.00: Sort out squabble between the kids.

8.30: Sort kids lunches.

8.45: Fill in eldests lunch order.

8.50: Sort out squabble between kids.

9.00: Dress youngest.

9.08: Brush youngests teeth.

9.10: Sort out squabble.

9.15: Drop youngest at kindy.

9.25: Drop eldest at school.

9.40: Fix curtains.

10.00: Email information to wife.

10.05: Hang laundry on line.

10.10: Put on another load.

10.15: Put Rabbit into back yard.

10.20: Sweep floors.

10.40: Unblock drain in laundry.

10.50: Mop floors.

11.10: Clean toilet.

11.15: Hang up another load of laundry.

11.20: Put on another load of laundry.

11.25: Fold and put away clothes.

12.30: Hang up another load of laundry.

12.40: Put another load on.

12.45: Lunch.

12.50: Polish mark on french polished cabinet.

1.00: Sleep.

2.30: Hang up laundry.

2.45: Put another load on.

2.50: Take down dry bed sheets.

2.55: Make one bed.

3.10: Rewash sheet that bird shat on.

3.15: Pick eldest up from school.

3.25: Forget to change Home Readers for eldests grade two class.

3.26: Quickly try and change Home Readers before everyone goes home; fail.

4.00: Buy card and wrapping paper for 8 year old birthday party tonight.

4.01: Buy lotto ticket.

4.20: Wrap present badly.

4.25: Have idea that might be good for short story or Blog entry called The Deck.

4.30: Google address of party and print out map.

4.45: Hang another load of laundry on line. Hope it doesn’t rain tonight.

4.50: Fix handle bars on daughters bike she got for her birthday because I put the front forks on backwards.

5.00: Drive eldest daughter to party.

5.10: Pick up youngest daughter from kindy.

5.15: Buy milk and bread.

5.25: Put freshly washed poo sheet in dryer.

5.26: Snack for youngest.

5.30: Rescue rabbit from back yard.

5.50: Start cooking dinner.

6.00: Rescue sheet from dryer. Partly make bed.

6.25: Youngest fed.

6.35: Replace the box full of toys my youngest scattered all over the house while I cooked dinner.

6.45: Unstack dishwasher.

6.50: Stack dishwasher again.

7.00: Replace a different box of toys my youngest scattered all over the house while I stacked the dishwasher.

7.10: Put youngest in bath.

7.20: Youngest freaks out because she is afraid of the bath plug.

7.25: Put youngest in Pajamas.

7.30: Two bedtime stories.

8.00: Finally finish making beds.

8.10: Wife picks up eldest from party.

8.26: Eldest arrives home sugared up on cake and candy.

8.30: Eldest in bed.

9.00: Wife has cold shower because I used all of the hot water doing the house work (laundry).




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14 responses to “The day off.

  1. Me ⋅

    I guess you did a lot today. Thank you.

  2. hahahah pleasurable reading!!! and strangely familiar, had me LAUGHING
    had my husband going YEAH!

  3. Haha, sounds like you need another day off! Maybe that lotto ticket will work out…

  4. Sounds a lot like every day off I’ve had since my children were born. I remember making a list like that one day when I was on maternity leave with my second (the first was two years old) to present to my husband when he came home from work. The entries included a lot more diaper changing and baby bathing back then. He was amazed at how my day had gone, which is incredible because that’s just what parenting is like. Of course, he’s a smart man and a quick study and knows better now. My going off maternity leave and back to work helped even things up a little bit.

  5. Ergh, I hate loading/unloading the dishwasher. I don’t know why, but that specific bit of drudgery really annoys me.

    (And not to pile on, but a lot of us womenfolk would just call this “the day” or “the day before and after my full-time job”…)

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