King of the pocrasti-NATION

50,000 words in and I think that I have solved the structural problems (WHAT A MESS)  of my new novel. At least for the time being. I have about thirteen chapters still to write. Then a complete re-read, filling in any holes. I’ll then ask my brother and my sister to read it , after which I’ll tidy it up and that will be the first draft.

The problem is however, I have a teeny weeny cold. Barely a sniffle. But this cold is all the reason I needed to put the hard part of my novel off for a few days.

I don’t like to do nothing, so I thought that I’d try to ‘flesh out’ the ZOMBEE KIDS BOOK I spoke about in a recent post. So instead of working tirelessly, I’ve been being very silly indeed.


zombee up nose squashed bee swamp

Since most of my procrastination comes from indecision, I thought that I’d design the I SPIDER procrastiNATION National flag.


I have a question for anyone with a spare second or who is avoiding their own TO-DO list. Is PLOP a good word for a bee flying up someone’s nose?